Sports Mouth Guards

sports mouth guards

Dental injuries are perhaps the most common orofacial sports injury in athletes of all ages. A well constructed sports mouth guard can benefit any level of athlete participating in sports. The cost associated with the loss of tooth (or teeth) during a sports related injury can reach thousands of dollars per tooth. Considering both the benefits and cost of a custom fabricated sports mouthguard, the added protection can potentially save you several times the expense associated with a sports dental injury.

Often times the typical boil and bite type mouthguards fail to provide sufficient protection against dental injuries. Our custom fabricated mouthguards create a more comfortable fit, allowing the athlete to both speak and breathe easier. Based on your needs and type of sport, we are able to designate a specific level of protection that is right for you. Our custom fabricated mouthguards can save you money while giving you a real competitive edge!


One common way people react to tension or stress is through grinding (a condition also known as bruxism) or clenching their teeth. The constant pressure and motion associated with grinding and clenching can have detrimental and costly effects on the teeth and supporting tissue. It can lead to significant wear and damage to the teeth, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems, and unnecessary head, neck, and shoulder pain.